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Best Simple Nail Designs ideas

Today I have a Simple Nail Design for you in a brightly colored coral tone. I paint all my nails in the coral tone, except for the ring and middle finger. I paint the two nails in a nude tone. After the nude shade has dried, I take striping tapes and tape a narrow strip down the middle of both nails. With a narrow brush and the claw clay, I paint in half of the stripe. Then I take a copper metallic paint and paint the other half of the stripe. Before the color coat can dry,

Hello my loves today i have this pretty and very simple nail design in a coral do for you everything you need is subject to a choral colored nail polish a gold copper-colored metallic polish a newton paint over a narrow brush and such stripping takes I link you the products used again below in the infobox then it can be done off I lay her first all my fingernails with underlay and then in the choral tone except for the ring and the middle finger because her I lay in two layers of the nude-colored nail polish. Simple Nail Design


Now I take the stripping tips and stick me on the courage have a narrow strip in the fingernails from the middle left then I take the narrow brush and the chorale tone and paint half of the stripe on my ring finger in the chorale tone and then the other half in this golden copper metallic tone then I pull off the stripping takes directly before the paint dries be able and on the middle fingers i repeat the whole thing in reverse order i.e. the cold bottom and the copper metallic paint floor

In the end, I lay all my fingernails with a top coat so that the nail design shines beautifully and lasts longer and this is what the finished nail design looks like then off it’s super easy to replicate and has a real fresh look if you liked the video give it a little tree up and subscribe to my channel so you don’t see any of my other posts.

Missed then I wish you a lot of fun imitating and see you next time


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